Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For critical and urgent incidents please phone our team immediately:

  •  02 6382 4777 during business hours

  •  Our 24-hour hotline 0419 019 133

Otherwise, please complete all the details regarding this referral using this link
and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible

  • EAP aims to reduce the effects of stress on individuals and organisations
  • Provides a management tool to improve workplace performance and productivity
  • Provides information on how to respond to critical incidents if necessary
  • EAP is available for Employers, Employees and their immediate family members
  • Employees can elect to self-refer themselves, or a workplace may choose to on their behalf
  • Short term, resolution focused counselling model
  • Counselling is provided by qualified Rehabilitation Counsellors
  • Face to face, telephone or Skype counselling
  • Management advice/support
  • Health and wellbeing promotions
  • Trauma assistance
  • Regular staff workshops available
  • Assists employees with personal and work related issues:

Personal issues                                             Work related issues

Anxiety & depression                                     Difficulties with personnel related matters

Self Esteem                                                      Severe stress reaction related to work

Non work related stress                                 Job satisfaction

Loss or grief                                                     Overload / underload

Suicidal thoughts and behaviours                Productivity

Post trauma stress reactions                          Absenteeism

Alcohol & other drug related problems       Accidents

Psychological disorders                                  Behavioural issues

Family Issues                                                    Conflicts with managers and supervisors

Marital & Defacto Relationships                    Conflicts with peers and other staff

Gay & Lesbian Issues

Gambling issues


There is no disclose information to the employer without the employees written permission or the information given is of a
reportable nature (eg affects personal safety of the employee or others).

What outcomes could you expect from implementing an EAP for your Business?
- Reduction in management time spent ‘counselling’ staff
- Increase in staff motivation levels and morale
- Reduction in absenteeism and other costs associated with staff wellbeing
- Addressing specific issues (such as stress)
- Providing an external support service for staff
- As part of a wider staff wellbeing program
- Assistance with performance management

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